With strong ratings from major agencies, it only takes a second to see why you should choose First Title.

First Title Insurance plc is licensed throughout Europe to underwrite title insurance cover for commercial and residential property. Our title insurance products reduce risk in a variety of transactions, from purchase and development through to refinance and restructure. Policies can be issued for the benefit of owners, lenders or both.


Below is a selection of policies that we provide:

  • Administrator / Repossession Sales
  • Breach of Public Procurement Processes
  • Encroachments onto Neighbouring Land
  • Illegal Tender Processes
  • Judicial Review
  • Lack / Breach of Building Permit
  • Lack / Breach of delisting from the Public Domain
  • Lack / Breach of Planning Permission/Zoning
  • Lack of Reps and Warranties
  • Missing Deeds / Documents / Leases
  • Servitude / Easement Issues
  • Lack of Title (in whole or in part)
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